Monday, March 21, 2011

The Journey to Daytona

Many of my fellow brothers and sisters have been in your shoes. At this moment you are excited, unsure, sore, stressed, feisty at times, anxious, and most of all ready to be on that beach. These next couple of weeks leading up to prelims must bring out the warrior within. Able to endure the most trying things on your mind, body and spirit. Many of you have no idea what to expect on the nationals mat, but what you should know is that we, CCFC, ex TVCC Cheerleaders are supporting you, and some of us will be there watching you compete. Keep up the hard work and persevere through the obstacles, and know that many have been where you are right now. REMEMBER, when you have pushed as far as you think you can, push a little more for the person next to you. Good luck guys and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Love Always, 
Greg (Gabriel) Smalley (Bro. Motha Vida Clean)
TVCC 03-05 - OSU 05-09


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  2. Hello CCFC, class of 2010-11!

    My name is Kyle Fowler (aka Bro Corrupt I'm Perfect Okay/ aka BD 25). I cheered at TVCC from 04-06 (we made it 8), and moved on, with many of our family members to OSU, from 06-10. I'm really excited that you guys are able to compete, but unfortunately, if I do make it to daytona, it wont be til after the competition. I wanted to let you all know that us alumni are still out here giving you our full support and would love to see you all succeed.
    If I could give you any advice, it would just be to remember that whatever happens, you'll either win as a team or lose as a team, so help each other out and you'll come through on top. Also, as bad as i'm sure everyone wants to come back national champions, your goal should be to go to daytona and hit 2 solid routines. Even if that means watering down, which nobody ever wants to do, but if you hit that routine, thats all anyone can ask for.
    Well good luck, and I hope i'm able to make it down there to celebrate with you all later that night.

    Love yor CCFC brother,
    Bro. CIP ok

  3. Love you guys!!! Praying for your success!!

  4. Stephanie FarnsworthMarch 21, 2011 at 8:13 PM

    Hi there! Im Stephanie Farnsworth, CCFC 2004-2005, then off to OSU 2006-2010. I am one that will be there supporting you all through your Daytona practices, prelims, and finals! I guess if I were to give you my two cents, it would be to stay strong for eachother. It always helps when your teammates (family) are there cheering you on, and I know that whether you are on or off the mat, you want your family to succeed. Please keep eachother motivated thoughout this whole journey.

    ALSO, live with NO regrets! No one wants to come away saying, "I wish I woulda...," or "If only I would have..." I have been there, said that, and still wish I would have pushed harder to stick my sh*t; it didnt feel good and I dont want any of you guys to feel like that.

    ONE MORE THING! Be proud of the fact that you are in Daytona, competing, and WEARING the TVCC uniform! It's an honor having family around! Make sure you cheer for your former TVCC (CCFC) members as we will be cheering for you!


    Love ya,
    Stephanie Farnsworth

  5. Hey Everyone!
    My name is Lindsay Gonzales, CCFC and I cheered at TVCC from 2003-2005. We made it 8 my Sophomore year! After TVCC I continued my cheerleading career at Oklahoma State and I was a cheerleading coach in Dallas and now Im a cheerleading coach and Executive Assistant at the Omni Hotel in Austin. My word of adive to you... if you can get through these next few weeks, you can do ANYTHING. Not only do you have to focus on surviving practice, keeping your grades up, hitting that stunt, throwing your tumbling pass, and hitting that routine - you have to do it all with a smile on your face and with the whole world watching. You have a lot of people who are depending on you to keep our tradition alive. We've paved the way and set a high standard, and its up to you to demand the respect that you deserve from not only the other teams out there, but from all the other people who have ever told you NO. When you are on that mat, nothing else should matter but sticking that routine and experiencing something with the amazing family that has adopted you and that will love you forever. Suck it up for the next few weeks and trust me, the rewards will last a life time. The feeling of knowing that you gave everything you had to this team and knowing that the people standing with you on that mat are giving everything they have too is a feeling you will only get to experience as CCFC at TVCC. I wish you the best of luck, keep your heads up and know that you have hundreds of alumni praying for your success as individuals, as a team and as a FAMILY. CCFC!!!!!!

    Sister SSJR

  6. Bird here (2001-2002) BD7 Went to the Valley, SFA, then HPU. I've competed 7 times and won 7 times....I say this not to brag but to let you know I've become accustomed to winning teams and what it takes. I've watched TVCC compete against Navarro every year, the closest, hardest matchup of the whole national competition, neck and neck....who will win?
    The winner is who can sell that routine better with less mistakes. Get that crowd UP, sell that dance, and out-perform those Bulldogs. When we won in 02, that routine was filled with 20 people having the time of their lives doing what they loved. You could see it on their faces, in their transitions, as they set for their stunts, no breaks, no fakes, just joy. I want ya'll to make that shine all the way across those 2,000 people all the way into the judges mouths, as they drop open watching. CCFC isn't something apart from that mat, it is on that mat, it is everywhere, and you must remember that the reason you raise your hands in the air, is embracing everyone else who has been on that stage before you, working their assess off for that win. We are rooting for you, believing in you, and know what you're feeling. In the jr. college division, it's that's X-factor that sends one team over the top....confidence, fun, talent. Embrace that in your practices, help each other, and most of all...when you're on that guys should have total faith in each other's abilities and a family...not 20 strangers on a mat. Best of luck you guys, I'll be watching and if i can help in any way....let me know.

    Bird CCFC

  7. Hey guys!!!! This is Hillary Helona, also known as sister i dont know/ aka BD 55. I cheered at the valley from 06-09, winning a national title 07-08. I have talked to many of you threw out the year at one time or another. but now its crunch time. Its the time where all of you prob feel like you cant go another day because your body is gunna fall apart or at least thats how i felt. I cried every single day at practice because i thought my back was broken but there was nothing in the world that could have made me stop. If you feel like you cant do it for you anymore, do it for the person next you. Yalls concentration doesnt need to be all on winning, yall need to go out there and have FUN. Its the most important thing. Be proud of each and every one of you for making it this far. Yall came into this program at its worse and every single CCFC out there is so proud of yall for keeping this program going. This program means the world to us and hopefully yall too at this point, which im sure it does. No matter what happens in daytona, in my heart and mind yall have already won. I am so so so proud of yall in so many ways. Yall all keep your heads up and lean on each other. Yall are on your home stretch, keep pushing. Do whatever you have to do to go to daytona knowing your routine is going to hit. dont be big headed and selfish this isnt the time. judges love teams that you can tell is having fun and has confidence. I have faith in each of every one of you and i love yall so much! call me if you need anything! please i love my family and will do anything to help you get thru this next few weeks. 2547162276. Now go get them cards!!! MUAH

    GOOD LUCK...

    LEAVE IT ALL OUT ON THE FLOOR ITS ONLY 2 mins and 30 sec!!! I tell myself that every time before I compete! It helps. i promise!

  8. Aloha to my friends and family!
    My name is Andy Cessac and I cheered at the Valley from 2004-2006. My rookie year I was part of TVCC's 8th NCA title, and it has been the best college experience to date...honestly. I met some of the greatest friends I will ever know and went through experiences that only few people in the world get the honor to go through. In 2007 I ventured to HPU and cheered there until 2010... now don't get me wrong, I loved it out there, but my heart has always been with the Valley. After watching the program go through some rough patches these past few years, it strikes a chord in me and questions what I may have done wrong in my time as a Sophomore...but as I have grown, I know now that it is nothing you do wrong as a Sophomore, but what you do right as an athlete, a leader, a student, and even a mentor to those who follow. Being at TVCC is hard work, both physically and mentally. There were times I was bored to insanity living in those dorms, but there are also times I would give my left foot to be there again. Nationals is right around the corner, and tensions are tight this year as Trinity Valley makes its comeback, but no worries!! Of course everyone wants to win, but the ultimate experience you gain as CCFC is something I am way more proud of than a jacket or ring. The heart this team has always shows through on that mat, and I have no doubt you guys can do it again, so give 'em hell =) For cheerleaders, you get one chance to show what you have been working on for so long, so go out there with NO regrets, extreme pride in yourselves, and an attitude that exudes nothing but athleticism, because in the end, you control it all out there. It's all you!! I am more than proud to be a Cardinal Cheerleader from good 'ole TVCC! Good luck this year!

    Bro Ms. Bitch A-lot
    BD XIX

  9. Hey Valley boys n girls,
    My name Is Joey Carasso, aka BDICK (Brother Defiant Ignorant Cocky Kid) I cheered at Valley from 06-08 and we made it Number 9. After Graduating from the Valley, I went to HPU and am currently still here on LARGE. I am so happy that you guys are competing this year! I saw some things, herd some things, and am super excited because I know that its time for a comeback! My only Advice is to KEEP GOING! As you guys might know we have no coach right now at HPU, and were still GOING, because WE WANT IT! Focus on pushing yourself, and the people around you. People off the mat, you’re there for support, just because you’re not out there doesn't mean you’re not a part of it (trust, I’ve been there). One important thing to remember is that a clean routine will beat a hard sloppy one! So you need to focus on every count in your routine, and take it one step at a time. If your having problems hitting something now, get in the gym on your OWN time and work on it! YOU’RE the reason why YOU’RE going to hit YOUR routine! All I ask is for you guys to COMMIT to each other and to CCFC, and BRING IT at Nationals. I Believe In YOU!

  10. hello all! my name is Demi Roberson, SWWC (sister weaving white chocolate) and cheered at TVCC from 05-06 and 07-08 (national champs baby!) All I can say to you guys is to give it your all, trust every single person on that team and BELIEVE that you can do it. I know that we have ALL come a long way and lets keep the tradition alive. Be PROUD to be apart of the Trinity Valley family and CCFC, you all deserve to be here. Cherish the moments that you have with each other because trust me there is nothing like it. Keep your heads up and rock that mat, I know you all can do it! I wont be there in Daytona but I will be praying for each and everyone of you, as you all mean SO much to me!Dont let anything or ANYONE get you down! Keep pushing through! Love you guys and good luck I wish you nothing but the best!
    CCFC forever!

  11. Ccfc wooooooo!! Brother baby traitor here. Back to back national champions. Its not about talent it'd about having fun and we had a blast. Good luck rooks and the tape is still rolling lol.

  12. Hey everyone im jacques brother goofy clutz period(.)
    Just wanted to say thank you for all of your support even though i wouldnt expect anything less from the family im greatful to have. We are working very hard and cannot wait to have our chance to show everyone that the valley and CCFC is not going anywhere. The progress we have made since the beginning of the year after what happened the previous year is amazing. our rookies came blindly into a transitional year. There has been some struggles and obstacles but theyve ultimately made us closer as we have worked above and beyond to reach a goal that everyone will be proud of and that the CCFC back on the mat showing the world one, that we strive for excellence and two, that we would take a bullet for anyone in our family.

  13. Good luck guys!!!

  14. 2010-11 TVCC National Cheer Team:
    By now I'm sure you all know what purpose and reason you are here for. You were chosen to be here and earned that right. You are experiencing one of the most elite and exceptional opportunities you will ever have. You will take with you a lifetime experience that you will have forever. You will rely on so many things that you were given, or earned, while you were here, for the rest of your life. Just know that what you may be feeling now, has been felt by many before you and will be felt by many to come. Face your fear head on and make it work for you and not against you. Have no regrets. Remember its not what you have, but what you look like having it!
    Love you all,

  15. hello valley kids,
    my name is wendy (woo) matheson, SAAW (sister ancient assertive witch) aka BDXII.
    i cheered second semester 03-05. was on the team when we made it 8! boy was that a fun year! after the valley i also came to osu for another year.
    let me tell you some of our success story.
    bottom line, we wanted it more than anything! we could taste the win we wanted it so bad. everyday we practiced our hearts out! some of us came in before practice (greg and i) and some of us came in after practice as well. we wanted to be the best of the best for ourselves and for the team memembers standing beside us.
    when we were told to mark the routine the majority of us would still do most of the routine just to get it to where we wouldn't be out of breath when we did do the routine full out. when cheering at games we would also do our stunts. we would do them all together to make it look that much better for the crowd. there were so many dedicated people that year it was sick. :) we did have our ups and downs and we had people that were so tired they had to dig pretty deep to keep going. and thats what we did. we were always digging deep each and every practice and once we got to daytona it showed! we weren't cocky, we were very confident of what we could do. :)
    you all are setting the standard again for the furture tvcc (ccfc) cheerleaders. we will be proud of each and everyone of you guys for what you have been thru. have fun, be dedicated to the person standing on all four sides of you, and have no regrets!
    with all my love,
    wendy woo

  16. hey yall! im traes - brother smelly smiler! im currently a sophmore at the valley. first and formost i wanna thank all of yall for the contunious support! it really means alot to know that CCFC is still out there and stornger than ever! this year hasnt been the easiest. more than anyting my time at the valley has taught me to fight! fight whats right, fight for what you believe in and the fight for CCFC. the one thing that i want to be known is that trinity valley is back! i could careless about winning, i just want the world to know the valley is still here and still fighting!

    To my rookies, i know yall dont get to see the soft part of me but i just wanna let ya know that there isnt a day that goes by where im not proud of yall. you guys never stop amazing me! NEVER SETTLE and always push! this place does something special to you! accecpt it and use it! im sooo proud to be call your sophomore. im proud of each and everyone of yall.! love you guys!

    To my fellow sophomores.. geesh! i love you guess so much! we have had a hell of a two years together! lots fight, with each other or against someone else. (yall know who )and we have and even more crazy/beautiful times. yall have made me such a stronger person, pointing out flaws that i sometimes refuse to ackowledge. yall are always there when i need you the most, or when i dont need you at all. but thats the best part! all the random moments! i couldnt imagine making it thru this year with out yall! im extremely sad that out time together is grown shorter! but know that no matter how far apart we are ill still love yall to death! and ill always be there to curse you out when you f*** up!

    im so excited for daytona! nothing is gonna make me more proud the to be on that bandshell with all the people that i have come to love. to shut up all the doubters and sh*t talkers!

    see yall in daytona
    C C F C forever and always

  17. CCFC Jimmy Ellis here. My prayers are with you and your training! I think I am the oldest poster so far! I cheered 1995-1996. I had the amazing privilege to win the title in '96; but almost just as exciting, the Ferris Wheel in '95!

    There are storms in life that we all must face, but life is not about avoiding the storms, it is about learning to dance in the rain. In '95, we had alot of issues, both personalities and routine. We placed 7th that year, barely making it to the finals! However, we all grew to be stronger people through all the trials. Plus, we did have the Ferris Wheel! :)

    Focus on creating bonds with each other that will last past TVCC, then no matter what happens, you will be family. That is what CCFC is all about!

    Pray always!
    Jimmy Ellis

  18. My last post didn't work so I am trying again! My Shapel and I cheered at TVCC from 07 to 09. Probably one of the most impacting programs I have ever cheered for in my life. The family I became a part of there is unreal I am so happy to see this program continue to grow! CCFC family is getting bigger and bigger. Being there at TVCC has taught me a lot not just about getting better at cheerleading but how to be a family member. People come in and out of your life on a regular basis but I know that this family will always be here. Just think next time you guys walk on a mat to compete or even just to practice make sure that you are walking on that mat as a family and not an individual. Being a family has to come first before you guys take on any challenge. Take care and watch out for each other while you are there. I have a lot of faith in you guys go rock out in Daytona!! CCFC!

    Shapel Lacey Bro BMX! BD 87

  19. Hey Guys! Its Jennifer Colbert also known as Sister I Think I Can (aka SITIC)I cheered at The Valley 05-07. One of the best and hardest times of my life. I grew up alot and made friends that I can call family 4 Life! I then went off to cheer at OSU with a bunch of my CCFC family which made that experience 10x better then I ever thought it would.
    Its important to remember that being apart of CCFC isnt all about cheer because when your cheering days are over you will see it was more about the special memories and relationships you built that will stand out in your mind.
    I remember there were so many times I was challenged mentally and phyically but I always had the support of my FAMILY to help push me through and in the end I would come out a better person then before. You guys are coming on the final weeks before you leave for Daytona, this is the time you want to put your foot on the gas and push eachother. Its not just one of you on that mat its everyone and everything that makes this tradition survive. We all have said leave everything on the mat and have no regrets. Do it for each other because win or loose, its what yall worked for and built this year that will matter.
    So have FUN, work hard and keep pushing because we are all here behind you cheering you on!




  20. hey LJ sister tell it like it is (STILII)Valley 2008-2010 highest score in valley history 2009. Im just gonna say a few words. I love each and every single one of yall like my own and my rookie year i knew that from my alumni. We believe in you we enjoy watching yall perform just as much as you guys like watching us. SO PERFORM YOUR HEART OUT. You could never let me down just perform with your team on that mat in that uniform at that moment in time.

  21. Hey all this is Lenny Lewis aka Brother Preppy Moody Sloth (BPMS)/ BD 86 and i cheered on the Valley from 06-08 (we made it 9 baby!)Just wanted to say that as much as you feel like you guys need to prove after the devistating circumstances of last year and also cheering under a new coach, your family is here more to support and encourage then to judge you in a negative light. We have all been there and know that without our fellow brothers and sister, some we live and are on the team with, some we have met one or twice, and some we have yet to meet in the near future, the true meaning of CCFC would not have been clear and changed most of our lives for the better. Remember that being part of a nationally acclaimed team and bringing back another title is just a perk to being part of the valley tradition. What we carry with these 4 letters is deeper than anyone on the outside can even begin to comprehend. Use this as motivation to push through this routine and leave everything on that mat, and know win or lose we will all be here for you guys with open arms happy that you brought it back to daytona!

  22. (Spring '05-'06)

    "Practice does not make perfect; practice makes permanent. Perfect practice makes perfect."

    First and foremost, without the academic side, there would be no TVCC cheer: go to class!

    That being said, in 2005 we made it 8; however, nothing, I mean nothing, compared to the exhileration, the overwhelming wave of emotion and the feeling of accomplishment that washed over us in 2006, a routine that did not win.
    It stemmed from overcoming adversity together as a team and knowing, without a doubt, that there was nothing that we could have done better. That year we truely put it in the judges hands.

    I wish that I could spend more time with each and every one of you and get to know the quirks of your personalities better, just know, you can't do it alone: you need the other 19 people on the mat.

    CCFC loves and supports you,


  23. Aloha guys!! Charles Carillon here otherwise known as Brother Perfect Brown Nose Parrot (BPBNP or BP2). I cheered at The Valley for a short year 2009-2010 but it forever changed my life. I currently cheer on HPU small coed and will be competing in Daytona this year so I will see you guys very soon!

    As hard as it was for all of us to just watch the year go by with nothing at all we could do about our situation we NEVER gave up and we pushed until we literally could not push anymore. As a team you don't want to compete with people who you just get along want to compete with people you LOVE and enjoy spending every minute together, good times and bad. The closer you guys are off the mat, the closer you all will be on the mat, and the better you will do as a team….I PROMISE you this!!

    Given the circumstances of last year’s incidents, the new coach, and all the changes that have happened this year I’m sure you guys feel more pressure than ever and don’t want to disappoint anybody. I just want to say that nothing you do will disappoint anybody…so don’t think that. If you guys walk onto that floor with your heads held high, knowing you’re going to hit every single thing in that routine without a doubt in your mind, you’re going to do just that.

    It’s not the point of just going to compete and trying to get another national title…it’s the point of doing it for you as an individual, your teammates, and most of all every single CCFC that has been apart of Trinity Valley Cheerleading since the beginning. I know this year has been fun, confusing, and hard emotionally/physically but I promise you that it will all make sense and come together reallllllly soon. These 4 letters aren’t just something you “get” because you survived a year at The Valley. You EARN these letters and wear them proud for you, your sophomores, and every single CCFC prior to you.

    Respect your sophomores every decision they make, they do it for you what’s best for the program. Stick with it and when think you can’t push anymore…keep pushing. I promise it will be worth it in the end when you’re in Daytona with your team and all the other CCFC you will see/meet for the first time (there will be A LOT!!). If you need anything or just want to talk there’s so many of us don’t ever be afraid to call/text/facebook/anything!

    I may not have won a national title with TVCC or even been able to compete, but I did take away something so big from the year I had there it forever changed my life. Be open minded and know that you’re there and everything happens for a reason. I love you/my family SOO much!!!! CCFC for life!

    Love you!! Charles BPBNP

  24. The Valley Kids Are Back!!!
    I am Eddie Akahi 08-10. B4LY (Brother Big Belly Box Lunch Yeah)

    I am confident that yall are amazing this year. These next few weeks will indeed be challenging, however know that you have family all across the nation supporting and believing in you. Remember that you are not only representing yourselves out there, but also years of tradition, hardwork, and dedication. Considering that you are part of an elite program/legacy, people (alumni, competitors, and especially judges) are expecting nothing but the best from you. Your division is by far the most exciting and nerve racking. I say this so you understand the importance of having pride, being confident, and looking clean. Fine tune every detail, support each other, and trust each other. We all know you have the skill, you just need to look amazing doing it. I leave yall with one last message. When you go out on that mat, look to your left and right. Realize that there will never be another team exactly as the one you have, and there will never be another routine exactly like the one you have. This experience is one that can never be duplicated, so appreciate and enjoy it. Have fun and do it big!!! Love all yall homeslices! Brother Big Belly Box lunch Yeah.

  25. Amanda Chen--Sister Hyper Asian ToddlerMarch 22, 2011 at 11:49 PM

    WOW.. i just want to say that i absolutely love my valley family more than anything! you guys are what keeps me going! youre dedication, love, support, and heart in this program means more than words could descibe. With all of your encouragement and inspiration at this time of stress and tension I have literally fallen in love with this program for the second time and im so thankful to have you all in my life. i cant wait to prove that the program has not fallen and that were back! I want to make each and every one of you proud because im so proud to wear those uniforms that you have worn and to be apart of something so special. Thank you all for your support.. trust me it has done tremendous not only for me but the team too!


  26. Hey all its Josh/Jazmine/BSUD, I competed in '06 & '07
    First off let me just say how excited I am that The Valley will be back to Daytona this year!!! Next I believe in all of you 100%. You were put onto this team for a reason weather you know what that reason is or not the bottom line is you were selected to represent TVCC to your best abilities. I hope each and everyone of you believe in yourselves as mush as we alumni believe in you, and always remember to leave everything you have out there on the mat, talk to one another, mat talk helps out more than you know, so encourage each other, yell for one another and have the TIME of you LIFE!!!! Competing on that bandshell with my CCFC family has been one of my most memorable moments to date, it is something that can not be explained other than one of the greatest feelings I have experienced! I hope that you all remember to push threw the aches and pains and remember the reason that brought you to The Valley! And always remember you are never alone when it comes to this FAMILY!
    ~I love each and everyone of you, and I can not wait to see yall do what we do best!!!!

  27. Ummm, I'm too lazy to read every one of those comments so I have no idea if what I'm about to write will relate to anything BUT that's okay:)
    Although I only cheered at the Valley for a year, it is a place I will always remember and ALWAYS call home, because home is where family is, and my family will always be there. It wasn't my choice to not come back as a sophomore, and everyone knows I would've done ANYTHING to be able to. I cannot stress enough how special everything is there. I know yall always here CCFC say that there isn't any place like the Valley, but let me tell you, it's TRUE! The school I cheer at now claims that we're 'family', which we are, but the meaning is completely different. No family, before or after the valley, will ever compare. So please, take advantage of what yall have right now!!! I know it's nationals season and it's stressful but push each other, build each other up, yall can do anything!! I know yall will represent TVCC and CCFC so well in Daytona, I can't wait to see everyone!! I will be there cheering yall on, watching you compete! So stay positive, don't stress, and show everyone what you came to do.. which is MAKE IT TEN!!!

    CaseyGirl, Sister Senseless Blonde

    PS-I forgot to say goodluck to all CCFC and alumni competing in Daytona as well!! Can't wait to see yall!!

  28. Hey valley kids! it's finney.. aka sister caring diesel head :)

    i am so blessed to live only 5 short hours from the valley this year so that i could come and visit a few times! if i could, i would be there every weekend.. shoot if i could, i would be a sophomore this year! I am so proud of how far yall have come since tryouts.. and even camp! I just wanted to say that i'm so excited to see what you guys bring to daytona! I know you will go out there and give it your all.. don't just do it for you, or your fellow rookies or sophomores, but do it for all of the CCFC that will be supporting you every step of the way!

    sophomores - i frickin love you guys. more than anything ever.. I know that last year was a really hard year for all of us and i know we learned a lot.. i'm so proud of all of you guys for pushing through last year and turning the program around this year despite the hardships. if i could be there with you, i would.. every step of the way. (i just had to take a 4 minute break to keep myself from crying.. i bet david is already in tears ;) haha)

    rookies - holy cow this year probably flew by for you guys huh? its already nationals, and i can remember yall trying out last year and being so sad i couldn't be there to be yalls sophomore.. let me tell you something.. and i know you hear it all the time.. but treasure your time at the valley. if you can go back to be a sophomore, go back.. it completes your experience at the valley. there is something so special about that place and you won't experience it anywhere else. push yourself beyond your boundaries. ask lucy who was in the cave the most often from my year-i'll be one of the top people she names.. but i can honestly still say that i wish i would have worked harder. don't look back and have any regrets! live every day to its fullest and do CRAZY things.. yesterday a girl on my team was listening to a crazy story from there and said she wished our team now was as close as my team from the valley was last year.. make new memories everyday :)

    i love you guys so much and i can't wait to see you sunday.. and in daytona!!!

    finney - SCDH

  29. my name is Tyler Hendrickson. i cheered at the valley in 2003-04. Now i am a captain on the large coed team at Oklahoma State. TVCC built me. it taught me how to push harder than i ever thought was possible. i will keep this short and sweet. all of the pain and struggles you are currently facing will soon be forgotten. give everything you have to your family, they will do the same for you. Never say die, because anything is possible. Please know that you have a long line of family behind you and we all believe in you. give it your all and no matter what happens, hold your heads up high. we are already so proud of you! if anyone needs anything feel free to call me any time of the day, whether we have met or not, i will help in any way that i can! tyler-(503)969-1097 love you guys!

    How bad do you want it!?!


  30. So mine is quite long takes 2 posts!
    Hey all, I'm Jeff, CCFC!! Brother Big Head Little Body. I currently cheer at the valley as a super sophomore. I cheered at TVCC in 07-08 which was my rookie year when we made it number 9. And I cheered in 08-09 when we got the highest score the valley has ever had. I took a year off the year everything had happened to the valley last year. I wanted so bad to go back last year at Semester and help them out as much as I could but timing was a big issue and it wasn't possible for me at the time. The biggest reason why I came back to the valley instead of going to a University is how much CCFC and this program means to me. I didn't want to see the tradition and family die off and didn't want any more trouble to happen to them.

    The amount of support from all the CCFC and TVCC family out there has helped this team grow in so many ways. We literally came to the valley this year not expecting a whole lot. We had a new coach, and we were unsure about how he would feel about everything. The other sophomores and I have been through up and down battles and have worked our asses off to keep this program alive and now stronger than ever. We didn't have much at the beginning of the year skill wise. We had a team with a lot of potential to improve but the entire year I have seen some of the hardest working individuals ever in my time at the valley. Although we had started the year off with 27 people and now we are down to 22 with 1 alternate on mat and the other being our mascot we have grown so strong and kept pushing through all the troubles that were brought to us.

    To my fellow Sophomores:
    I just wanted to say I love each and every single one of you. I know we have our ups and downs and we argue a lot but in the end we get over it and are still a family no matter what. Getting to spend every moment with yall is the highlight of my day and I will miss you all so much after the year is over. I know we just met this one year and you are all technically my rookies rookies. But yall are one hell of a group. Keep pushing hard everyday, I know their have been times this year when we all just couldn't take it anymore but we pushed through that and now it has all been worth it. Daytona is coming up faster than ever and I am so happy that I will be competing with yall!

  31. To my Rookies:
    Yall are fuckin amazing! I have never seen a harder working group of rookies ever! A lot of you came to the valley with hardly anything, and yall have pushed your body past your limits and worked your way up to the top! I just wanted to let yall know that you really are such an amazing group of people. I am so happy that I have met all of you and came back to the valley this year! You have no idea how hard it is to not be at the valley. This is the closest family you will ever have your entire life. Last year when I wasn't at the valley I came and visited all the time and all I wanted was to be back at the valley. Treasure your rookie year and I hope a lot of you come back for a sophomore year because you will truly miss it if you don't. Just by seeing how many of the other CCFC have posted they would give up a body part just to come back! Just remember all the memories you have had and how you have grown as a person and as a family! Once again yall are the best and I can't wait for Daytona to be competing for probably my last year on the bandshell and there is no other group of people that I would rather be competing with than yall. :-)

    To my CCFC Family:
    These past few days have been amazing and all of the support that I have seen from my CCFC family has been a blessing. Yall are so amazing and I miss all of you so much and just wanted to let yall know that the valley is back again and we are way stronger than ever before. And that we will not ever let you down. You mean the world to us and I am so thankful to be apart of an amazing family. I hope all of you will come support the valley in daytona as we make our greatest comeback ever! :-)

    I love each and everyone of you and am so excited to see many of you this sunday and than in Daytona!

    Jeff - BBHLB (Big Head Little Body)

  32. Charlie Hueber - CoachMarch 28, 2011 at 9:29 AM

    Please forgive the wordiness but I have a lot to say!!!

    In looking at this past year in what I have learned and how we have grown as a family and a team I can honestly say I have never been more proud of a group of people than I am of this group of TVCC Cheerleaders. We have reestablished ourselves as one of the best teams in the country. Countless hours have been spent in practice, community service, study hall, and don’t forget going to class. Few teams could have or would have overcome what we have overcome this year and landed where we have. Few teams can hold a candle to our school spirit, our enthusiasm and our drive to get better.

    We have a a diverse team and I am not only talking about color. We truly have a group full of very different people and I attribute much of our success to that. Not only have we found a group to associate with we have established a family. We care about each other and fight for one another and support each other in all aspects of college and cheer life. Above all we learn from each other and we have grown together. I am amazed each year I work with college students at how I am supposed to be the mentor and teacher and constantly feel that it is I who am learning. Beyond my graduation from ‘cheercollege’ (in learning all of the crazy and scattered cheer terminology) I have learned some really valuable lessons and would like the opportunity to share them with you.

    I've learned that you shouldn't compare yourself to the best others can do, but to the best you can do. I've learned that it's not what happens to people that's important. It's what they do about it. I've learned that no matter how thin you slice it, there are always two sides to every story. I've learned that sometimes the people you expect to kick you when you're down will be the ones to help you get back up. I've learned that you can keep going long after you think you can't. I've learned that either you control your attitude or it controls you.I have learned that organization and hard work can really payout .I've learned that two people can look at the exact same thing and see something totally different. I have learned that family should come first no matter how messed up they can be. I have learned that laughing is contagious and that smiles should be shared with everyone we meet. I've learned that it's hard to determine where to draw the line between being nice and not hurting people's feelings and standing up for what you believe. I've learned that it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. I've learned that heroes are the people who do what has to be done when it needs to be done, regardless of the consequences.

    I couldn’t possibly list everything I learned from each and every one of you. Some of you have had to suffer some tough love and some of you saw me as the bad guy most of the year. Our family has had members come and go and we have had our fights and problems. We have sweat together, bled, cried, and laughed, but most of all we have learned from each other. Our sophomores had a tough year dealing with me and all of the changes that entailed and I am excited to call them and the rookies family. So as we prepare to travel to Daytona please know this - regardless of the outcome you belong to a special group and with each day that passes that group gets stronger and stronger. We are champions and as David Bowden might say “we piss excellence”.

    To all the CCFC out there who doubted and hated on me – I have nothing but love and respect for you guys. I understand why and you felt the way you did and I hope that the team you see now shows that TVCC Cheer is still here and we are a force to be reckoned with!!

    I am proud to be a member and a part of this team! THANK YOU and I LOVE each and every one of you.
    Charlie Hueber

  33. Ccfc blog

    Hi everyone, I am a rookie this year, my name is katelyn root just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your support. Trust me it helped/is helping a lot!! It makes me proud to be a tvcc cheerleader. I can't wait to see/meet y'all in Daytona (:
    And to my sophomores I love y'all so much and wouldn't trade anyone of y'all, no matter what. The sacrifices,&&  the fights that have done just for us shows that you love us more than imaginable. Y'all put us before yourselves, you push us when we think we can't be pushed anymore. I am so happy I got the opportunity to be with y'all everyday. 
    && last but not least, my fellow rookies. Your are the the best friends I could ever ask for period. I would trust you with my life and I love each and everyone of you with all of my heart. I am so happy with everyone. 
    "Let's have some FUN and prove them wrong. :)" We leave for Daytona in 8 days. We have 8 days to push and hit the bad ass routine. "I believe in you do you believe in you?" hahah 
    Let's hit this shit & EARN that number 10 title(: 
    I love my team 2010-2011(: 

  34. Oh oh oh, I wanna play!

    With great Aloha, writing from Hawaii, I'm Adam Yeatts OR best known as Brother Raspy What-Not (2003-2005). I'm kidding, I'm not known for much but I do have a good heart and enough motivation to share with you all.

    Your journey to nationals is your victory. By simply getting on the buses again, driving to Dallas, catching a plane, and competing a colligiate level routine, and most importantly representing TVCC Cheer to the school, family, alumni and friends after a year off, win or lose, you WON. And you gotta know that.

    College cheer leading will be in your lives maybe 3-5 more years. After that, the real journey begins. By working hard, inter personally communicating, working as a group, problem solving, and letting optimism overtake pessimism, you will find yourself to be a success with your family, friends, marriage, career and anything else that may be in your future. Be proud. Stay proud. Have fun. Smile. Don't flood any rooms. And do great things, now & forever.

    Adam Yeatts
    Brother Raspy What-Not
    B.D. #11
    Red headed
    strong as an ox
    size 10.5 shoe
    From Virginia
    Love manapuas and the Cardettes
    1 sister, hot Mom, & loving Grandmother.
    Father's name: Greg "Gabriel" Smalley